Ice Cream Down

Coffee in hand, I was standing on the train platform sunning myself like a pigeon while waiting for the morning train. It was a good day. This was not just any cup of coffee. It was coffee purchased from the dear little independent coffee shop on my walk to the train, a luxury I afford myself once a week. Today’s cup of coffee was the "buy 8 cups and get one free" free coffee that I had been working toward for months! The train pulled in and I was happy to see an open seat. As I sat down I was looking forward to my blissful coffee filled commute, when a man walked onto the train and made his way toward the front of the car. Since I wasn’t fully settled into my seat, I was holding my coffee in front of me, and he, or his bag, or both nearly ripped the cup from my hand, flipping it upside down. I heard myself saying, “No, no, no, no!,” the no's growing more frantic as I tried to stop it. The lid popped off, and suddenly I held only an empty cup. The train pulled forward and I watched my beautiful mocha (my “barely mocha, mocha,” as my barista has dubbed it, since I don’t like it overly sweet and I always ask for a fraction of the added chocolate), start it’s commute across the train floor. 

The night before I had watched an episode of Time Warp with my husband, showcasing the prowess of Anthony Kelly, a Martial arts expert who caught (catches - he’s still alive :) arrows in mid-flight. I found myself thinking, “What I wouldn’t give to have reflexes like that. Probably would have saved my coffee.” Instead I stopped my dejected staring at the floor long enough to look up and say, “Sorry everybody,” to my fellow passengers who were trying to keep their toes out of the coffee puddles under their seats. I must say, the public transit system was brilliant to put those shallow grooves in the floor. Five stops later and you could barely tell it had happened, as the coffee had sunk in and spread out quite nicely. All public transit systems say no food or drink allowed, but I never thought it applied to me! Everyone drinks coffee on the train, and it’s fine. Fine until someone is hell bent on getting to the front of the train car. I stole a glance at perpetrator but he either didn't realize what he had done or wouldn't look at me. Or both.

I very much felt like an 8 year old girl who watched her ice cream plunge from it’s cone to the floor. The fact that I’m 28 and it was coffee made no difference. After a sigh of lament, I picked the lid up off of the floor, and put it in my lunch bag along with the empty cup, apologizing in my head to the public transit worker who would have to clean it up.

C’est la Vie. But you can bet a full 8 punch coffee card, that the next time I take a cup of coffee on the train I will guard it with my life!


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