When All Else Fails, Get Turquoise Highlights

Yesterday I met up with one of my dearest friends, to run errands and enjoy "girl time." She is getting married in May and had some things she needed to buy, so we decided to hit the streets as an excuse to spend time together. We had barely begun our adventure when it came to light that there had been a mildly devastating wedding planning snafu. We were both slightly crestfallen. After a bit of fact checking, phone calls, and finally resigning ourselves to the fact that there was little to be done, I resorted to my older sister's trusty, "nobody died," speech. (Any time anything happens that is super annoying and beyond your control, and you are completely bent out of shape about it, pause, take a deep breath, and remind yourself, nobody died. Disclaimer: This course of action is completely useless in a stressful situation in which someone actually dies!!). Baring our minor tragedy, we decided to soldier on with our day. My friend is a makeup extraordinaire, so we headed to Ulta so she could help me pick out the perfect tones of some new foundation and blush I've been needing.

We were walking to the cash register with our finds in hand when she noticed there were some "test" hair dyes on a counter. She eyed the colors for only a moment before she said, "Let's do it." Both being brunettes, a lovely deep turquoise seemed the best choice. We walked to a mirror, and highlighted away! Our hands were nearly as stained as our hair afterward, and our faces speckled with stray powder, but we both felt decidedly better after the fact :) We laughed as we examined our handiwork and used some of the store's free makeup remover and tissues to clean up our hands. Who knew that blue hair could make slight snafus easier to bear?  We spent the rest of the afternoon eating, shopping, and engaging in endless conversation both in-depth and lighthearted, thankful for the fact that our blues had been made less blue, by blue.


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