Easter 2012

Easter is a bit early this year, so the dates don't line up perfectly, but I can't help but recall where I was last Easter - at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I have always had a rather uncanny memory for dates and random things that most people probably shouldn't remember. Or it may have started when I was in a long-distance relationship in college. I think it's normal to hang your heart on calendar dates when you don't see someone who you care for very much, very often. So that, combined with how I was already wired perhaps has lent itself to my propensity to remember dates and anniversaries for ridiculous things. Such as the where and when and who I was with when I bought a certain belt or pair of shoes. Or recently when I told my husband the train had to be coming soon because I saw a couple waiting by the tracks. I recognized them as the same couple who had left the same restaurant we had, approximately 10 minutes prior to our departure. So I knew they had been waiting for a train at least that long. A nice talent to have perhaps, but while I am oddly observant of some things, I'm afraid I am completely oblivious of far more important things. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.

The view from Horseshoe Mesa 
So last Easter I was in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was the beginning of a 10 day trip that made me realize my legs had never really hurt before in my life. That Hamburger Helper could taste like a meal fit for the gods. That you can truly sleep anywhere when you are tired enough. That backpacks are much heavier than they look, and living without a shower for days on end is almost greater a trial than deceptively heavy backpacks. But I also experienced the wonder of rolling over in my sleeping bag in the dead of night, and looking up to see the moon rising brilliantly over the rim of the canyon. I felt the refreshing life of cold water washing over my body after a long, hot, and exhausting descent. I spent hours, dozing behind a waterfall, listening to it tumble over moss covered rocks below. I gazed over seemingly endless miles of stone cut by the hands of time; a severe and unforgiving land that somehow possessed an equally breathtaking beauty. I remember Easter 1 year ago, and I smile.

I put some stories on paper shortly after we returned from our trip, which I will share here in upcoming entries. In the mean time, I hope that wherever you are you will find a moment to enjoy the beauty of a moon rise, the refreshing relief of fast flowing water, or the amazing taste of savory food. And quietly and simply thank God for them.


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