A couple of weeks ago I left work early on a Friday afternoon and hopped an Amtrak train to Grand Rapids, Michigan. My husband was away in Israel so I was thankful for the distraction to spend the weekend with family and catch my little sister's high school production of HONK! My "CPA working 6 days a week during busy season," sister picked me up at the train station at 10 pm. She had to work the next morning but of course the logical thing to do when you want to delay the arrival of tomorrow is to stay up talking until 2 am. So that is exactly what we did! Catching up on life, talking ourselves into and then out of going out to breakfast at 7 am, watching our favorite tv shows, eating an entire pizza, and finally, to bed.

I spent the next day happily wiling away the hours wandering around the city and camped out at The Sparrows while I awaited the end of her work day so we could drive to our sister's play together. We were slow getting out the door, but decided we still had enough time to grab coffee, which would be necessary to make it to the end of the play awake. I suggested we stop at Rowster, a nearby coffee house for two cups of deep coffee magic.

Picture taken between texting
My sister dropped me at the curb and I ran inside, informing the man behind the counter that I wanted two medium, dark roast coffees. He responded that they didn't exactly have a dark roast, but they did have... He proceeded to explain how they roast all their own coffee, and the darkest they had available that day possessed floral notes from the Himalayan mountain range... I hoped he couldn't actually see my eyes glazing over. I didn't have the heart or mental capacity to tell him that while his description was lovely, I just NEEDED coffee. When my clouded brain registered that he had reached what seemed to be a an appropriate pause for my response I interjected, "You pick. I'm sure whatever you choose will be delicious. I've heard nothing but good about your coffee." I think he was mildly disappointed I didn't want to hear about the floral notes, but thankfully my request got him to stop talking and start doing what was really important: making coffee. I settled on a stool and enjoyed watching the snow fall softly outside for about 5 minutes before I sent a text message to my sister.

4:24 pm: "I forgot that real coffee takes time."
4:25 pm: "Almost ready."
4:29 pm: "At what point does this become ridiculous?"
4:30 pm: I'm being one of those cranky people who doesn't want to wait anymore!

At this point 4 lattes had been made and served, and still there I sat. I could SEE our  coffees sitting on the counter, V60 coffee dripper planted firmly in place, mocking me. I considered lunging the counter to grab the coffee and run. But finally the fellow who had taken my order realized he had entirely forgotten I existed. He apologized profusely and hurried to deliver the two floral Himalayan hostages. Thank goodness! I thought, until he decided he felt so bad that he needed to give me a gift card to make up for it! Apparently they don't do that often, as he spent what seemed another eternity fumbling to get that for me as well. At last, coffee and gift card in hand, I thanked him, and assured him I will return for more magic coffee, despite his forgetfulness inducing unnecessary delay. Thankfully the coffee is divine and well worth the wait, if you're not worried about catching the opening act of a play! In the ensuing car ride my sister and I both frequently interrupted ourselves to sigh and say, "This is divine!"

We arrived for the play (15 minutes early!) and settled in with the rest of our family to enjoy the adorable production. Two songs into the opening act, I leaned over and whispered to my sister, "Are you eyeballs tired?" "Yes," she said, " But I could run laps around this building I'm so caffeinated!"

(My whole weekend could have been a commercial. The city of Grand Rapids is legitimately fantastic and if you haven't been, GO! Rowster, commonly mispronounced "Rowsters" - more education from the floral notes guy - and the Electric Cheeta win my vote for mind blowing delicious food/drink options in the city, but they only begin to scratch the surface.)


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