First Snow First House

There was snow in my backyard this week. I had a moment standing on the porch realizing I was standing on MY back porch and there was snow, and I was home, and it was lovely. I had the same moment a few weeks ago when I realized my husband was outside mowing my lawn. A husband and a lawn. Two things I think I had always hoped for but didn't really know if I would ever have. And now I have both. And it's crazy. And it's wonderful.

We have always lived in the transient part of the city, where young people come for jobs and either leave for schooling or other jobs, or move to the suburbs to make babies. That part of the city empties out on the holiday weekends, with everyone returning to the surrounding states from whence they came. It was Labor day weekend that I first realized fully how different this part of the city is. This is the part that fills UP on holiday weekends, because all the kids that grew up here are coming home. Our neighbors have lived in their homes for decades, lovingly and patiently repairing and maintaining them, making them truly homes. And now we live here too.

Our house is currently our construction zone but it's our house. We chip away at one project or another, and suddenly realize that this or that is nearly complete. We both feel a little like we've gone back to school only this time it's trade school. My husband has thankfully done construction before so he has a solid foundation to build on (no pun intended). I am his apprentice, and am learning tasks as well as the basics like proper names of tools. Now when he asks for a masonry hammer my response is no longer, "You mean like the dwarfs use in Snow White?"

When we first bought the house I always referred to it as, "Grandpa Wally's house," in reference to the prior owner. But I'm growing this funny little attachment to it. I suspect that loving a house might be a bit like loving your sick child that keeps you up all night and then throws up on your bed. But you love them anyway. In the same way, the late nights, sore muscles, and unpleasant surprises ("Why is it raining IN the wall?") should make you say, "You horrid, horrid little house!" But you don't. You love it anyway. We are both looking forward to the day we are really "living" here. I never knew how much I took things like finished walls and floors for granted. But we're getting there. And it's crazy. And it's wonderful.


  1. I love reading about all your house construction! And I'm looking forward to reading about all the house decoration, too (long may that be in the future...). ;)


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