Pregnant Women

I have had a rather unfortunate run with pregnant women lately. I tried to give up my seat on the L to a pregnant woman...who wasn't pregnant. I was saved only by the fact that she was carrying an abundance of bags, which I strategically noted before offering my seat. When she asked, "Why? Are you getting off at the next stop?" I replied, "No, I just though since you had so many bags it would be nice..." "O no, I'm fine but thank you." You're welcome. And thank goodness you don't know why I really asked.

Last week I asked a friend when she is due. February. "Then why are you so big now?" It wasn't those exact words but pretty close. Reason being, life has been so busy lately, I've completely lost track of time. My brain thought it was August. It's not. It's November. But even if it WERE August, my "why so big?" still qualifies as a completely inappropriate question. Thankfully she loves me anyway. This week I was able to give up my seat on the L to an obviously pregnant woman who was obviously looking for a seat. I thought of my other two gaffes and hoped that I at least partially redeemed them.


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