Sharing Spaces with 3 Million

The adventures of living in smashed spaces (in the span of 48 hours):

1. Nearly falling as the L lurched forward and having my purse swing like a pendulum and hit a dozing Asian gentleman in the face. I felt terrible! He was very forgiving and fell right back to sleep.

2. Exchanging bemused glances with the woman across from me as we watched a man standing in the aisle attempt to read his paper on an overly crowded train. His solution: hold it above every one's heads. (Ridiculous).

I saw this last month. - "Promotion ends November 19, 2012" 
3. Helping a Korean exchange student find her way to the airport. She described any and all aspects of our city as "amazing" and by the end of the ride I basically had a free place to stay in Korea if I ever choose to visit.

4. Alvin, the very tall very jovial man on the elevator who opened with, "Thank you for picking my floor for me! I mean, I know you already picked it because you were going to the first floor but, thank you! You look nice." Picture Kenan Thompson living life with the enthusiasm of Chris Traeger. He continued to regale me with the importance of bank security databases.

5. The man next to me on the L barely trying to hide the fact that he was reading along with me as I turned through my interior design book. Apparently he also need some More Not so Big Solutions book over my shoulder on the L.

I love my city and all the people smashing I get to experience. Sometimes it's awful. But sometimes it's pretty awesome.


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