These Potatoes

We got a good deal on this house. And these potatoes. Because they were in the freezer the day we closed and they are in the oven for dinner tonight. I'm afraid they might be a tad bit freezer burnt. But they might not be? We may see a reprise of the last time we visited grandpa. He'd been saving a cake for us in the freezer. We pulled it out and noted the expiration date that had long since passed. But we bravely cut it up, and lied through our teeth about how good it was, while choking it down with coffee. He can't taste much at 85 so I think he actually enjoyed it and that's all that matters.

I also have a carrot and coriander soup on the stove (I stumbled upon while dreaming of a trip to the UK), and everything for BLTs, so we'll have something to help us choke down the potatoes. Or if they're really bad, I might be able to talk my depression era German grandmother, "food must not be wasted!," self into throwing them out, and we'll just have soup and sandwiches. Timer will tell, in about 20 minutes.


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