Blue Darling

I have been stalking Craigslist like it's my job to find a leather couch. I've always wanted a leather couch but to buy brand new, they cost quite a bit more than I would like to pay. In my hunt I stumbled upon a certain style that I like and now I don't want anything else. I won't stop until I find THAT couch. I've missed out on two in the last two months. I was getting ready to draft a blog post about how Craigslist is like, breaking your heart with no responses, "I've changed my mind," or someone else got there first.

But then, Blue happened. When I look for the leather couch I put in the brand name but I also search for words like "two cushion" on the off chance that the seller doesn't know what they have. After missing out on leather couch #2, I was scrolling through Craigslist furniture listings on my lunch break, mostly window shopping. We technically don't even have a place to put it as the floors aren't finished yet, so I was really just seeing what was out there. And then I saw this:


I didn't even know I needed or wanted this couch, but once I saw it it was suddenly perfect. I pictured it in multiple locations in our home and knew the style options were limitless. It LOOKED like us, like our house. I was in love. I immediately sent it to my husband and asked, "Do you hate it?" He did not. He quite liked it, and said he trusted my wisdom if I wanted to buy it. So I contacted the seller. And heard nothing. For two days. Then the posting was updated, dropping the price $50. I figured something had to be wrong as no one drops the price of something when they have a buyer lined up. So I responded to the second, cheaper posting. Still nothing. Then the next morning, I got a text. "So sorry your emails had gone to my spam. Let me know if you're still interested, I have a couple other inquiries but I want to make sure you have an opportunity to check it out first!" Um, yes! I went to the ATM and withdrew my "walk away" amount, making sure I couldn't spend more money than I had. I resolved I'd pay my walk away price if it was perfect, but convinced myself that there would be multiple things wrong with it so I would be fine walking away. Surely the wood would be a mess, the cushions would be shot, it would be stained or smell funny or have a tear in an obvious place.

My husband and I walked through the door, saw the couch, and she. was. perfect. The wood has the perfect amount of wear. The cushions are firm but comfy. She was sturdy, clean and obviously well cared for. I unzipped a cushion and realized they are partially stuffed with down feathers. There wasn't a tear to be seen and the velvet was in great shape. I offered $100 less than asking price and seller said she just couldn't. She loved it as much as I did and had paid almost twice that much when she got it. I said, "Well my walk away price is this...." But I was obviously still standing there. There was no walking away. Seller asked if we could meet in the middle. So I added $25 to my walk away price and said, yes! I had done research online and what she was asking was perfectly reasonable. That and there simply aren't a lot of them out there. So again, walking away seemed fool hardy at that point.

I was more than giddy as my husband and I walked back to the train to get the truck and come back for the couch. I had finally had a craigslist couch work out! After we brought her home I cleaned out a space in our spare bedroom to keep her safe until the living room is ready for her. I told seller I was behaving as thought I am adopting a pet. But that's how excited I am! I used to think designing a home was terribly hard, and I am still learning. But with beauties like this, the house practically writes it's own story. This blue beauty will act as an anchor for a second seating area in our living room, in the 3 sided bank of windows. I am looking forward to much tea drinking and book reading on those lovely cushions.


  1. What a great story! I'm loving all of your updates, and can't wait to see how the house progresses.


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