5 Years

I went to Electric Camp when I was 16 years old. It didn't want to go. I was a homebody and camp in general terrified me. But I was 16 years old, had never been to camp, there was a free spot, and I thought I should be a brave grown up, suck it up and go to camp.  Yes, Electric Camp is  as nerdy as it sounds. You climb utility poles wearing all the gear, learn about electricity, visit local news stations, get food poisoning, etc. It's put on by the electric co-op where I grew up. The counties were so sparsely populated that no one would supply electricity to them. So they made a co-op and found a way. I met a girl there who lived in a neighboring county. We needed each other that week, and became instant friends. Afterward we kept in touch via letters and phone calls, seeing each other from time to time and eventually maintained a cross-country friendship.

Almost 10 years later my friend mentioned her brother had moved to Chicago and she thought he lived nearby me. I didn't think much of it. She mentioned him again in April of 2009, but this time she said she was worried about him; he hadn’t sounded like himself. I was there and she was a thousand miles away, so I said I’d check in on him. He sounded to me like a lonely workaholic, and I thought I was simply doing a favor for a friend. I had also recently caught up with my older brother who had been on my case for my overall lack of a dating life. I was co-hosting a friend’s birthday party in a few weeks, and came up with a brilliant plan to kill two birds with one stone - invite my friend's brother to the birthday party.

Say what you will about, “Love at first sight.” But the night  I met my husband, time literally stood still. He teases it was “lust at first sight,” – which is fair: I did find him incredibly attractive. But I counter there is a difference between noting someone is hot, and having your entire world come to a crashing halt the moment you lay eyes on them. He was standing against a wall, black t-shirt and jeans, a beer in one hand, and arms crossed. I had just returned from picking up extra bags of ice for the coolers. I walked through the door and there he was. And the world was thrown off it's axis. I laughed nervously as I set down the ice, thankful for the diversion to collect myself. I was formulating the speech in my head to yell at my friend for not warning me her brother was smoking hot. I hugged him awkwardly and welcomed him to the chaotic room full of people he'd never met. We talked here and there, I refilled the salsa, lost him for awhile and then wondered when he remained after most had gone home. It was readily obvious he was neither lonely nor a workaholic, and a heart of gold beat inside of his chest. I knew I would be a fool if I didn’t at least try to know him better. So I invited him to lunch the following week, and we kept meeting for lunch, and he asked me out a few weeks later. 

And here we are, 5 years later, husband and wife. He is the best team mate a woman could ever hope for. I will forever be thankful for that rooftop birthday party night and the man who loves me so true and so well. 


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