Aldi Shopping List

I put this together for my sister and thought I would share. She's an Aldi virgin, but wants to save money on groceries. My husband and I have been shopping there for years and for prices, quality, and ease of location, they can't be beat! If you want to write and tell me that by eating there I'll die of cancer...don't. I'm sure I can die from cancer from lots of other things too. And they DO have a variety of organic options, I just don't buy them. I generally buy only our produce there, as well as a few other staples.

Some of these things are seasonal so they may or may not have them based on the store/season. $0.49 is the best price on avocados but typically only happens in season. The rest of the year they are $0.69 - $0.99. Strawberries are consistently half of what anyone else is asking ($0.99 - $1.50) but you do have to eat them within a few days as they don't keep long. Everything else (produce wise) keeps just as well as what you'd get anywhere else. (At least the with the distributors we have.)

One thing I've found to avoid is flour. It just doesn't work well. I also don't get artichoke hearts there because they are cheaper at Trader Joe's, so you can't just assume everything is cheaper. In general I do not buy their bread - I've tried and the quality just isn't there. You can buy block cheese - it's ok but not great. But we don't buy shredded cheese. Too many fillers. Their mozzarella balls however, as well as goat cheese, seem to be good quality.

The things I consistently buy there are:

Brussels Sprouts
Arugula (they just started carrying - hooray!)
Green Onions
Red onions
White onions
Peppers (red and green)
Fresh strawberries
Yukon gold potatoes
Green apples
Lemons (these are hit and miss on quality - sometimes they are pretty dry and bad)

Frozen broccoli/asparagus/peas
Frozen berries/peaches
Whole frozen chickens (yes, it's $.95/lb and probably packed with poison so I'm not sure how I feel about that one)

Heavy whipping cream
Cream cheese
Sour cream (This is my husband's favorite second only to Daisy. It is one of the few brands we've found that uses straight up cream). 

Old fashioned Oatmeal
Nature's Path Granola (at least a $1 cheaper than anywhere else and super yummy)
Brown sugar
White sugar
Low sodium free range chicken broth
Beef Broth
Corn chips
Various canned beans or bags of beans

This ridiculous salad brought to you by...ALDI! 
Just read the labels/taste a few things. You'll figure out pretty quickly what is good and what isn't. I also get Pringles there sometimes, potato chips and sweet potato chips. There are still things we get at other places, but for staples they can't be beat. I also recently read up on it's origins in Germany as "Albrecht-Diskont." They keep pretty true to the store's original philosophy even 70 years later. 

Happy shopping. If you find anything else you like that I haven't tried yet let me know! 


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