Dinner in a Jar

I came hungry to an apartment that is almost completely packed. All I have is a plate, a bowl, a spoon, 3 beer glasses (because, duh), and two forks I found behind our headboard when packing last week. (We never eat in bed.) There is a box of mac and cheese but I couldn't find the large empty yogurt container I thought I had left for for cooking it in the microwave. I looked around for another container. In the fridge I found a quart jar of homemade yogurt that had gone moldy. (Sad. Though to be perfectly honest it didn't quite turn out and I was keeping it only because I couldn't quite bring myself to toss it. And I though I  could use it for baking. Until now.) So I washed out the jar, put in the water and pasta and set the microwave for 8 minutes on high. In a matter of seconds it boiled over.  Solution: put the jar in the bowl to catch the run off.
8 minutes later I mixed the cheese pack with pasta water, sour cream and hot sauce. VoilĂ . I don't know why this isn't a  thing on Pinterest. I'd pin it but I'm too busy eating my jar of mac and cheese.


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