You know, it's Funny

I wrote this two years ago, but never published it. It was more a journal entry, and something I knew would be applicable again. I don't quite remember what was going on two years ago, but based on my current grown up troubles, I feel like whatever it was had to be trivial in comparison. It has honestly been a rough week. Really more like a rough month. The list is too sacred and too heart achey to share here. (Though if death really does happen in threes as the superstition says, you best avoid me for the next month at least as we only need one more to make the trifecta). I've had the beloved old hymn, It is Well on repeat for weeks. And shockingly it almost sort of, kind of is. Well. I've cried and ached but today realized I've reached the point again of saying, you know, it's funny.
My dear friend has always had this mantra, usually when she was going through some sort of life trial that most people would deem anything but funny. Regardless, her response would be, “You know, it’s funny.” It was when she said that that I knew things had gotten really bad. I would sometimes get frustrated with her, thinking, “It’s not funny. It’s terrible! And I don’t know why you’re having such a good attitude about it!”

I am currently facing my own list of completely hilarious (edit 5/15/14 - or really really not!) grown up troubles. If I stopped to realize the full ramifications of everything on the list, it would probably be overwhelming. Currently, work crazy is one of the things on “the list.” Today, I stepped outside at 3 pm, deciding a late lunch break was better than no lunch break at all. Basking in the sunlight, I thought, “This day has been nuts! Ridiculous to the point of hilarious. You know, it’s funny.” I stopped when I heard myself say those words fateful words, thought of my friend, and smiled. Yes, yes it is. It was then I realized I have another list. A list that enables me to say, “You know, it’s funny” -

1. An incredible, supportive, and loving husband;
2. A God who always seems to find ways to drop reminders that He is ever faithful;
3. Friends and family who teach me to say, “You know, it’s funny;” and
4. One tube of L’Oreal coral colored lipstick. (I know that last one looks rather out of place, but somehow, one quick application makes days like today more bearable.)

 My second, much shorter list somehow more than balances out the first. So for those things I will be thankful. And I will keep wearing coral lipstick.


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