House a Home

This picture was taken in our bedroom this past weekend. I felt like I was doing 20 things at once but I was determined to get the bookcase moved into our bedroom before the weekend expired. I moved and dusted the bookcase and started setting things atop. When I stepped back to view my work I couldn't help but smile when I realized how each piece came to be there:
  • The bookcase was a graduation present made for me by my father. It was after I had pestered him for months for an old decrepit bookcase that was rotting by the garage. He insisted it wasn't worth saving. He asked me once what I liked about it, and used my description to create a brand new one instead.  
  • The wood frame was salvaged from barn we took down at my parents (story here).
  • My father also made the placard as a wedding present, with the wood from the same barn mentioned above.
  • I pulled the pitcher from a trash pit in Montana. I actually forgot to bring it home from my trip and made my sister fly it home later! 
  • I picked up the candle last week from the clearance table at Anthropologie
  • The ivy is growing rampant in our side yard so I simply potted some of it. 
  • The lamp was left by Grandpa Wally. (My husband put a dimmer switch on it that I can control from our bed. It's the perfect night light.) 
I didn't have a specific goal in mind for any of the pieces when I collected them. They just looked like what I would want in my house someday. I may add a few things to the ensemble but I am quite happy with the start. It was a small pretty little tangible victory in the unpacking and sorting business that is moving into a mid-renovation house.


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