The Door to Nowhere

There is currently a door in my kitchen. A door that leads to nowhere. This door: 

This was the side door to the garage when we bought our house. This door spent the winter on the walkway next to our garage because we decided to install a new door, lest we win the "easiest garage to break into," award for our block. I have inherited some of my father's penchant for not quite being able to throw things out if they may have some use to them yet. So winter came and went and there she sat. The original thought was a bookcase perhaps, like this. Which may still happen. But I've been playing around with our bedroom layout in my head and decided it was time to spruce up the door and give it a run in a different capacity. By sprucing it up I mean leaving it just as it is. Well, I did remove the hardware - it was neither darling nor old - and scrub it down a bit to get off all the dirt and loose paint. I haven't decided yet if using a door as a headboard is too clich√©/cheesy/overdone, or totally awesome. But the nice thing about our current bedroom is it has yet to be refinished. So I can do whatever I want to "wreck it" as it needs to be completely wrecked at some point anyway. Things like play around with decorating ideas and hang giant doors on walls with little to no consequence. I hope to buy the hardware to hang the door this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes!  


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