Bedroom Before and After

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Door to Nowhere. There I said I hadn't decided if using a door as a headboard is too cliché/cheesy/overdone, or totally awesome. I've decided. It's awesome.

When we looked at the house to purchase the bedroom looked like this - crowded and dingy. When we closed on the house all that was left was the bed. Which we ended up using for months because we hadn't moved our things from our apartment yet and needed a place to sleep. (Yes, I washed EVERYTHING. In hot water. Twice.) The room is small, about 9’ x 11’. It is one of the downstairs bedrooms that we will wreck and redo this winter, i.e. remove the 8 layers of paint, 4 layers of wallpaper, repair the cracked plaster underneath, and then repaint. But until then, I wanted to make it our own. After we moved out of our apartment we took the previous owner's bed out and moved our own bed in, as well as our dressers and the bookcase my father gave to me as a graduation gift. And then this weekend, we hung the door. 

I had had a sinus headache most of the weekend and really hadn't been excited about anything. Hanging the door was an all day project, full of measuring, stud finding, interruptions, and errands. But then suddenly it was up. And it was perfect. The room is still small and even with our full bed, we are competing for space with our dressers, nightstands, etc. But with the addition of the door we get headboard height and the bed gained a presence in the room it didn't have before. I don't know if it was the sinus headache or the happy, but I nearly wept when I saw it hanging there for the first time. It turned out even better than I could have hoped. 


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