Dream Come True, #72

Years ago (I say it like we've been together forever - "years" as in 2 or 3) my husband and I were at Dark Horse, one of Michigan's many excellent breweries. We were sitting in the back garden where they had a trellis covered in vines. Hop vines. I said that day that one day, I wanted my own hop trellis and my own hop vines.


There they are in all their glorious tumble. The picture above was taken last night. The one on the right was taken late June.

One of our friends has vines that have been established for years (real years this time, like 15+). We took cuttings from them last fall and planted them along our porch. As April drew to a close the vines had started pushing their tiny heads skyward and we built the trellis for them to climb in early May. And now it is harvest time, which is what I did last night. They are hearty, lovely vines that have offered shade to us all summer for lots of back porch sitting. I can highly recommend them even if you have no need or desire to harvest the cones. This year was a light harvest, as it will take years for the vines to establish themselves. But a harvest none the less that we will use to "wet hop" (using fresh hops instead of dried to flavor your beer).

It's a little thing, but one more small happy in our home-owning adventure. Side note, History Channel is doing a special on Dark Horse. Except it isn't. We can only assume the producers were hoping for the next Duck Dynasty. But we hope the Dark Horse crew sticks to their day job of making really great beer, as making great television does not seem to be an attainable reality.


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