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Watching the UPS tracking of my curtain fabric was kind of like waiting for Christmas. It left Georgia in the morning and reached Indianapolis at 12:13 the next afternoon. One more state to go and it would reach me. All glorious 32 yards of it. These lovely tumbling flowers are as big as your head. "Citrine" is the color description according to the manufacturer, a color I'm not even sure I had heard of until I laid eyes on this fabric. Committing to 32 yards of anything takes some convincing! But I found myself coming back to it again and again so after a few weeks of deliberation I confirmed my purchase and waited for the back order to clear.

This was taken last November. Yards of colorless drapes.
As you can see from the construction picture, the drapes we purchased with the house were somewhat hideous. Yards of heavy, lifeless, dated fabric. Our Realtor begged me to get rid of them right away. After realizing the price of all the already made curtains I loved, I decided purchasing fabric was going to be half the cost or better so I started hunting online. My pick for the living room was found on They have several useful search tools where you can narrow your search by designers, colors, and collections. I chose a few of my favorites and ordered swatches, going over them at the dinner table one night with my husband's family who was visiting from New York. I had ordered a swatch of yellow lace on a whim to see if it would work for sheers. We deemed that swatch "hooker yellow," so needless to say it didn't make the cut. ALWAYS order swatches, lest you become the sad and sorry owner of endless yards of hooker yellow lace. But back to the citrine: Seeing and feeling the fabric helped cement the decision. It's 100% cotton, just the right weight for drapes, and the color is even more divine in person.

Three sided bank of windows where the curtains will go. 
In Chicago it is mostly foolhardy to have things delivered to your home if you're not there to receive them. The risk of said packages simply walking away is too high. Most employers allow their employees ship packages to their work place instead. It is a convenient luxury (I have met people who are not allowed to ship to work and instead spend untold hours at God-forsaken UPS distribution facilities!) except for the fact that you still have to get your packages home via public transit. Most of the time it is not an issue. But try boarding a train carrying a 23 lb bolt of fabric that is nearly as tall as you are. Thankfully I found a seat next to a lovely woman who's curiosity got the better of her so she asked what on earth it was. Turns out she's sewn quite a bit herself so we had a lovely train ride discussing the best way to go about it.

My sewing machine is currently kaput but it will be up and running soon thanks so my (talented, hard working, incredible, helpful, there-are-not-enough-adjectives to say how wonderful he is) husband. I've picked out but have yet to order the hardware to hang the curtains on, as well as the sheers, but we're 32 yards closer to these citrine lovelies gracing our window panes.


  1. "Hooker yellow" made me smile. Now, I will definitely make sure to order swatches first :)


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