The Right Lighting

This is our garage. Beautiful, right? So picturesque. Until you realize that anything that is not painted will all but melt when hit with rain.

On my quest for learning this, "how to be a homeowner," thing, I have searched endless blogs and webpages. Many are loaded with images of DIY paradise, but I've quickly come to realized you could frame a dead squirrel and in the *right lighting* it can be breath taking. As in, "It's breathtakingly beautiful," take your breath away, not, "I can't breathe," take your breath away. Without the special effects, our garage looks a little more like the tired old sided building that it is.

Or thankfully in this case, WAS! These "romantic tired old building," pictures (FYI it is not romantic when it is YOUR building and you realize what anything not protected by paint means) were taken in July, when we power washed and then scraped and then repainted our garage. Now our garage is truly beautiful, and won't melt. It's amazing what a few gallons of paint and a long weekend of hard work can do.

 The fascia and soffit are close to being done (and no, I didn't really know what those things were 6 months ago). There are only a few more boards to go up before the snow flies.


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