A pocket Full of Peppers


When I got home from work tonight I picked the last of the surviving greens in our garden. One last haul of our first garden. First married, grown-up Chicago garden - we both tended our own growing up (my husband really tended a large field; "garden" would be a severe understatement). He brought in all of the chard this morning and I grabbed the last of the survivors tonight. The mint is slightly frost bitten but I think there's still some live leaves left. Since the time change it is dark when I get home from work so I rescued what I could see/feel but I'm sure a few green souls will freeze to death with today's severe temperature drop.
In all her summer glory

It is nearly mid-November so it is probably remarkable that our garden produced this late into the year at all, but somehow I'm still a little sad to realize I can't go outside and pick something for dinner. We've been spoiled since spring! Chard for soups, quiche, and a  perfect side for BBQ. Mint for mojitos and mint juleps. Parsley to garnish whatever we desired. Peppers to add a kick of heat. Eggplant omelettes to die for. Sugar peas to snack on, and I think we canned around 21 quarts of tomatoes. And a never ending supply of basil, rosemary and sage. Having my own fresh spices to cook with always makes me feel like the richest person alive.

Today's haul included a bucket of chard, a handful of dill, one bunch of parsley, a few strangled stems of mint, stems of fennel, a pocket full of peppers (I was literally stuffing them into my coat pocket as I found them), and one lone eggplant. And yes, that is a green apple, a can of acetone, chicken medicine and an Arhaus flier on our kitchen table. Because all of those things make perfect sense on a kitchen table. Or at least our kitchen table.

We'll be eating on our dining room table tonight. Something that includes parsley perhaps. Winter here we come!


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