A week of Lifeness

Today there were 5 people at work wearing gray sweaters. I was one of them, pairing mine with a pop of pink via Clinique's Grandest Grape Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. (Quite the mouthful of a name.) I opted to drink black tea instead of my usual coffee because someone decided to be a dear and wash the coffee pots, except they didn't rinse well so the “office coffee” tasted much like soap coffee and I was too busy (lazy?) to fix a new pot.

This week my husband lost a family friend and mentor to pancreatic cancer. The amount of loss we’ve experienced in the last year is rather incredible. I have concluded it must mean we are well loved by many and love well in return, but that fact doesn't make the loss hurt any less. When someone has pancreatic cancer you always know, “it’s a matter of time,” but as my husband said, “...some news, even when sitting down is not any better.” It has been a poignant time, remembering, and being both grateful and sad.

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I am simultaneously reading Leadership, and Paddle Your Own Canoe, by Rudy Giuliani and Nick Offerman, respectively. I have discovered the dangers of reading two auto-biographies at once, getting their stories crossed when I go to pick up one or the other. Giuliani wanted to be a wood working priest when he grew up? No, that’s not right.

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We bought squirrel traps! And more importantly trapped a squirrel. And the attic has been silent above our heads (I have written about this previously here and here.) Glorious silence. We patched the holes where the squirrels were getting in, first with wood, and then again with metal because they had eaten through the wood. Spring, contractors, and work permits, please come soon, and bring with you mythical things like brand new fascia, soffit, and shingles, the things homeowner’s dreams are made of.

I got up to do yoga before work today, but there was far too much side plank going on. While the instructor side planked away, I opted for push-ups, down dog, and child's pose, because, who wouldn't? If you need a quick, before work routine, check out Erin Motz. She's the perfect amount of energy without being annoying. Currently, days 4, 13, and 27 are my favorites. And get yourself a Chromecast so you can cast the video onto your television. Seriously some of the best $35 you'll ever spend.

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Photo from chateaudegudanes.org
Lastly, I stumbled upon this today! You simply must read the article, and then their blog, about the adventures of restoring an abandoned chateau. My tiny bungalow restoration suddenly doesn't seem so bad (although I am lacking their team of 6 working every day from sun up to sun down). It is wonderful to see people with the time, energy, and resources loving this chateau and making it whole again.


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