Bowers of Peonies

It is Friday, after a happily short week thanks to the Monday Holiday. This week marked the 1 year anniversary of moving into our house, and today marks 6 years to the day that I met my husband. I smile every May 29, recalling the moment when I first laid eyes on him and my world came to a crashing halt. My stammer and smile, followed by an awkward hug, all the while thinking how I'd kill my friend for not warning me about her brother's incredibly good looks, intellect, and heart of gold. His disarming smile and those arms! Seriously, those arms. Apparently I'm an arm girl.

Our peonie bushes are exploding so I've just filled the house with cut flowers. Our garden is growing steadily and our hop vines are reaching for the sky. We're off now to see our neighbor's new baby chicks. It's simply a glorious, sweaty, lovely spring day.

Happy Anniversary to us!


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