Embers Motel

I cracked open a bottle of cough syrup last night, at 1 am. And smiled. Because it was the same bottle we had purchased on our Honeymoon 4 years ago. This was after spending an hour in the shower, not making love, but so the steam would relieve my husband's congestion. There's nothing like a hacking cough to bring back sweet memories.

This photo is from a motel in Mackinaw City. In addition to the bed and breakfast my husband booked, and a few day's in a family cabin, my father-in-law surprised us with 2 nights in 2 different locations, both in Northern Michigan. They ranged from the finest of the fine, to this place. Which was exactly as the sign would suggest: tired. But so were we. We walked into our room and I started laughing, because the inside of the room looked exactly as expected. We set down our bags, turned on the History Channel, and crawled into bed. My new husband had shared his respiratory infection, and we promptly fell asleep. 

Tomorrow is our anniversary. And we're hitting the road because my big sister is getting married this weekend. We're staying with my baby sister who was married 2 weeks ago. (My family apparently has an affinity for September weddings.) We'll be sleeping in a twin bed because all the others were taken, in a little house that sits on a pig farm. The kind of place where there's more stars than you can count, a crooked pine tree in the front yard, apple trees in the back yard, and rest for your soul all over. I am very much looking forward to finding a few moments of rest among the chaos of throwing a wedding, and returning to the place where we said our vows. 

We jumped right into the, "in sickness and in health," on our honeymoon, (I'll spare you the details of the bladder infection that hit two days after the respiratory infection). And in 4 years we've weathered more than our share of the worst part of, "for better or worse." There are times the worst threatened to drown out the better. But the incredible thing about marriage to someone who loves so true, and deep, and well, is the constant, unspoken assurance that says, "I've got your back."  Suddenly, it doesn’t matter if we're tired, discouraged, or scared. We know we can do anything, together. That added to the love of our families, our neighbors, and our silly little chickens, continues to make for a heck of an incredible life. 

Happy Anniversary, darling. Here's to a wedding weekend, less cough syrup, and maybe, someday, if we're really lucky, another night's stay at the burning love pad that is the Embers Motel. 


  1. We can share the queen if you'd like.

  2. FOUR YEARS!!!? WOW!, just,,, wow... whaddaya know about that...
    Congrats. you still look like newly-weds.


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