Happy Accidents

Quirky birds from
Our dear neighbor across the street holds a stained glass class in her basement on a weekly basis. My other dear neighbor across the street talked me into taking the class last year to make Christmas ornaments. At the end of 6 weeks I left with several ornaments but also with several new friends. So even though stained glass has never really been my "thing," I found myself going back from time to time to say hello just to catch up with my dear neighbors. I haven't landed on my next glass project (however I have considered these, these, and this). But on a recent quick hello night, my neighbor insisted I make something, stating, "You should do something creative every day. You're here, you're making something." She had printed out a page from Pinterest as a proposed assignment of quirky birds for anyone who showed up without a plan.

I carefully sifted through her bin of colorful glass fragments before choosing a piece of swirled glass, and a small red piece for a beak. I drew my pattern and set glass cutter to glass, but as I rounded a corner I applied a bit too much pressure...and chopped off my poor little quirky bird's head. I stared at it a moment, despairing a bit at my headless creation. But then realized I was starting at something that looked very much like a chicken's tail feathers! So I set out to make a chicken instead, since it made so much more sense for me than a quirky bird ever will.

The result was Charlie, a very smart looking rooster who now stands in our bedroom, atop our book case turned dresser (because that's what you do when you live in a half finished house, and it works quite nicely). I took Charlie to work one day but when my husband asked if Charlie had moved or if he was on vacation, I realized we'd need more than one Charlie in our lives. Which gave me a welcome excuse to return to glass class. Now I am working on Charlie's lover, so we can have a pair at home, as well as a rooster for my office. 

Here's to life's happy accidents. 

Charlie, the Lover, and Charlie 2.0 in progress. (And yes, the seam in Charlie 2.0's chest?  That was an accident.)


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