Ressurection and Time

The clock just struck the hour, with bells inspired by Big Ben, softly marking time with their music. She has sat silent in our entryway for nearly a year, weights detached, and hands still. But this Sunday was her resurrection day. And now she sings.

The soft tick-tock was foreign at first, a stranger in my house. But now I smile when I hear it. It had an uncanny way of making me think I was in my grandmother's house, as that's the last time I was near any such sort of clock. But she's gained her own presence, almost like a third, living party in our home. This grandfather clock was inherited by my husband in high school, when my in-laws wanted to get rid of it, but he wouldn't let them. He took it instead in his bedroom (is it any wonder we fell in love?), and they kept it stored for him in their basement when he left for college. After we purchased our own home, both our parents gently pushed for us to reclaim the remaining worldly possessions they had kept in their care. And so the clock came to a new home.

Inspired by spring, and daylight, and joy of house projects accomplished, my husband decided to put the clock together this weekend. At 11 o'clock on a Sunday night. I was tired, so I sat in a rocking chair and read directions from the manual.  Boiled linseed oil was used to wipe all her blemishes away.

Clock oil 1) is a thing. And 2) Was needed for her springs. So today I stopped by, Around The Clock Repair on my lunch break. And this dear man, and his dear little shop was all I hoped and more. Piles of watches! All kinds. In a tiny space. And in the middle of it all, a man who obviously loves his trade. Cash only please, and no quick turn around promised. But will your lock work again like never before? You bet. He knows clocks, caresses them, studies them, values them. I left his shop with the small vial of oil in hand, and better appreciating a trade I fear nearly forgotten. 

 In the chaos the world so often delivers, there's something comforting about the quiet, steady pendulum. A visual reminder perhaps of the precious value of this thing called Time. And the simple and yet extraordinary technology driving this clock that keeps it so faithfully. Do we need a grandfather clock? No, certainly not. But is it lovely? O my, yes.


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