Johnny and June

I wrote about the Blue Darling two years ago. At that time she was new and unsettled and just the Blue Darling. She lived in the spare bedroom for awhile, smashed in among boxes and tools and tarps as we were still in full construction mode. But shortly after we moved her into the window bay she now calls home, I named her June. Because she just looked like a June.

I found her while shopping for a leather couch. We still wanted that leather couch so after June came home, the search for her Johnny continued. Another Craigslist foray and I found not just Johnny, but a matching love seat and ottoman (named Carter and Cash?) for the price of less than the one Johnny I had been trying to hunt down. So we went for it! The seller even helped my husband carry each piece down the 3 flights of stairs behind his condo! It took 2 trips with my father-in-law's truck to get all 3 pieces, and then our neighbor helped us move them onto our newly finished floors. That was also two years ago, and the living room has undergone incremental changes since then. Just last month she crossed the finish line of baseboards and crown moulding.

This was 6 weeks after we closed. 
Rebuilt wall
Finished wall and ceiling fan added. 

This picture was taken last month. Welcome home. 

There have been setbacks and surprises, like the curtains I made crashing down one day, because the walls weren't built properly when the previous owners converted the porch so there was nothing to support the weight of hardware and fabric. So last winter my husband rebuilt the walls, adding studs where they should have been, and giving the hardware something to hold onto.

Last night my husband and I were scrolling through pictures of how far we've come in this monumental restoration project. It's almost too incredible to comprehend. The living room is truly finished and I call it our sanctuary. We're not good at sitting still, so we honestly don't spend as much time resting in there as we should! For that reason I also call it our Parlor - the fanciest and yet unused room in the house, reserved for clean bodies and "company." But in the quiet of the morning June is one of my favorite places to sit before I jump into the day. We still have a long way to go, but sitting and reflecting and remembering makes the yet to do seem pretty attainable.


  1. I'm not sure if that old house knows even yet how lucky it is but I think it's probably starting to sink in!


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