Honey Bees in their Easter best

As a child, Easter Sunday meant going to church in a new dress and bright white socks topped with lace. Sometimes the dresses were made by my grandma or when I was older I made a few myself, but it was always a fun excuse to wear something bright and new.

When the warm sun hits the hive, it's a good bet there will be bees coming and going, looking for the early supply of pollen and nectar to build their hive and feed their brood. As my husband and I crouched and watched them come and go from the hive entrance, legs full of pollen bounty, my husband said, "Wait, is that pollen, blue?" Instead of the usual varying shades of yellow, at least half the bees were coming home with blue. We'd never heard of such a thing so immediately hopped on Google and discovered this is a phenomenon loved by many bee keepers. The most common culprit in our area is the Siberian Squill!
We were able to follow a few in flight to a nearby park where there are blankets of squill. And sure enough, our bees were digging into the flowers with gusto! My husband captured these fantastic photos. Just one more small wonder of bees, wearing their Easter best.  


  1. Nice pic! Even the tiniest details are visible... Except, wait,,, What are those things in the middle of the bee's legs?,,,,,,,,,, Oh WAIT!, those are the Bee's Knee's! =D


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